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When a government openly supports a deadly terrorist group, people have the right to cry out for help. The Fulani herdsmen of Nigeria, an Islamic terrorist organization kidnap with impunity, rob freely, destroy farmlands without opposition, kill without mercy and wipe out villages with reckless abandon.

Christians are the target and have borne daily vicious deadly attacks. Videos and pictures abound and document their plight but the international community has remained silent. Thousands of churches have been destroyed with many Christians being butchered in them. Nigeria has become a living hell for many with little to no support from the Nigerian government.

Nigeria's case is even more pathetic because of the support the terrorist enjoys from the government. Thousands are dead and the government has not prosecuted one person. Things will not change until International pressure is put on the Nigerian government.

Please join me to condemn the crimes of the Fulani herdsmen and call upon national leaders in North America and Europe to bear pressure on Nigeria by signing this petition. Unite your voice with mine and others to make a difference.

Because it is better to cry out when one's Head is still on the neck, I urge you to sign this petition and spread this movement with your friends.

God bless you.

Rev. John Iseghohi

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